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Tibetan Education Fund

Tibet is one of the most impoverished and remote regions, where economic development is far below the national level. Most of the Tibetan families have an annual average household income of USD247, way below the Absolute Poverty Line of USD1 per day per household as defined by the United Nations. The poverty level is high and the living conditions are poor. Medical, community and educational facilities for children in particular are insufficient.

The Tibetan Education Fund  is a charitable organization officially launched in August 2008, TEF is a response by a group of people who are concerned about the plight of the children in Tibet and would like to involve in helping to better the future of these children.

tibetan education fund logo with purple trim

TEF Logo

TEF helps Tibetans to provide for their children so that the future generation not only live a safer and healthier life but also contribute more towards their culture and community.

As Tibet changes with time and circumstances, so do the needs of its people. Showing them the way for change and equipping them with education and healthcare helps them to live a better and more secure lives. It is with this aim, TEF was set up and with your help and generosity, TEF hopes to fulfil its goals.

Tibetan Education Fund Objectives

  • Carry out programs in health and education for Tibetan children
  • Provide and promote understanding of well-being
  • Provide and promote a stability of life
  • To promote public interest of the needs of Tibetan children
  • To work with partners of similar groups to help Tibetan children

Tibetan Education Fund provides

  • Teaching Staff
  • Cooking Staff
  • Health Care
  • Teaching Materials
  • Stationery
  • Management Overheads
  • General Welfare

Tibetan Education Fund is committed to working with

  • Tibet education groups
  • local Tibetan citizens
  • government personnel
  • non-governmental organizations
  • business partners around the world
  • All those who share TEF aims

We Ask of You

  • Join us as an active member
  • Volunteer time and effort to assist
  • Assist with promotions
  • Website and online activities

 We hope to work with you soon.

Tashi Delek(Tibetan greeting)