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Tibetan children

7th Annual Trivia night – 18th October

7th Annual Trivia night – 18th October 2014PosterA4Final102x144mm

The 7th Annual Trivia night is just around the corner, so keep the 18th October free and come along to 52 Merthyr Road (Uniting Church), New Farm to join TEF in our main fundraiser for the Bumkhang Childcare Centre.  The poster has all the information you need, bring your family and friends to enjoy the night with you.

Himalayan Film Festival raised $250

TEF’s tea and cake table at the Himalayan Film Festival raised $250 to go to the childcare centre in Tibet.  Thank you to everyone who supported TEF on the day.

 Ongoing Funding Required

We are trying to build up our base support to make ongoing funding a certainty for the childcare centre. Our $10 monthly donators are at the core of our support and we are very grateful to all of you that contribute on a regular basis.  If you are a supporter of TEF please consider signing on for our donation program.  Details can be found on our website
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 18th October to share a night of fun, food and music.
Wanday and the TEF team

Newsletter Update August 2014

Newsletter Update TEF Trivia Night 2014 Poster A4 Final 102x144 mm low resNewsletter Update!

A reminder that due to unforeseen circumstances our Annual Trivia Night will now be held on the 18th_October at the Uniting Church Hall, Merthyr Road, New Farm, 6.30 start. A fun night of questions, some Tibetan Music along with a delicious Tibetan supper and finishing with traditional Tibetan Circle dancing, $25 admission and $20 concession tickets at the door.  Please note no EFTPOS facilities will be available on the night.

Childcare Center

The children from the childcare center are enjoying a well earned break for their annual school holidays at the moment.  Our latest reports show that all the children are progressing well with their education and health.

Perfect Potion (Supporters)

Perfect Potion have wonderful natural products that have been supplied to us on a regular basis to send over to Kamashan for her debilitating skin condition and we would like to thank Saoe for the ongoing support.

Make a Booking

Newsletter Update! Please go to TEF website or ring Wanday on 0422720542 if you would like to book a table for our Trivia night or get together with your friends and come along on the 18th October. We hope to see you there.

Himalayan Film Festival 2014

Newsletter Update - TEF - Himalayan Film Festival 2014

TEF will be holding a chai tea and cake stall at the Himalayan Film Festival on 6th September at BMAC  102 Main Street Kangaroo Point.  Please come along and enjoy some interesting films about the Himalayan region and join us for tea and cake. More information at

See you there!

Wanday and the TEF Team

2014 Concert – 28th June

2014 Concert Night by Tibetan Education Fund

Time: 6:30pm start
Date: 28th June, 2014
Location: Merthyr Road Uniting Church, New Farm
2014 Conert Night - Saturday 28th June 2014 @ 52 Merthyr Road, Uniting Church, New Farm

2014 Concert Night – Saturday 28th June 2014

Enjoy the unique style of Tibetan music and sample the cuisine of the native Tibetan peoples.

Last year’s concert was a great success and we look forward to another memorable night.

This 2014 Concert looks set for a night a fun and  great entertainment.

Check out websites Baatarsukh Batsukh and Tibet2Timbuk2.

At $20 for the night you’ll receive great value. You may also consider a visit to our contact page to let us know you are coming. Or you could post in FaceBook page.

TEF Newsletter for March 2014.

Tashi Delek!

Festival of Ttibet 2014

Welcome to the March 2014 Newsletter for Tibetan Education Fund
It has been a busy start to the year with our representation at the Festival of Tibet in January, we raised $1000.00 for our projects in Tibet.

AHL Musgrave Hostel - Aboriginal Hostels Limited - March 2014Aboriginal Hostels Limited – Fund Raiser
Wanday recently (March 2014) helped out at a homeless shelter at  Musgrave Park, West End and donated some stationery and clothing that TEF had been given, unfortunately it worked out to be too expensive for TEF to send these items over to Tibet.

Recycled Donations to AHL
Last year Wanday was able to take over our donations but as no one was Materials Books Stacked March 2014travelling to the area of our childcare centre this year it was decided it was better for homeless people here to have these goods. Good work from Grant known as ‘the polite guy’ for organizing the AHL day which Wanday reports was very inspirational.Bowl of Rice with Chopsticks

Many thanks to John & Frances Kee
Thankyou’s to John and Frances Kee for hosting a dinner at their home with the proceeds going to TEF, the evening also included the sale of a lovely painting by Htoo Htoo Han. The new owner of the painting now has a beautiful piece of artwork and TEF has $400 to add to John’s donation of $200 for the evening.  If anyone is interested inTibetan/Chinese Dumpling hosting a fundraising dinner at their home, please contact Wanday via our website.  Wanday will bring the food for your dinner, so what could be easier as a get together for you and your friends.

Bumkhang school Tibetan students - - March 2014 NewsletterBumkhang Childcare Centre – Good News
The latest report from the Bumkhang Childcare Centre is positive, with all the children doing well with studies and health.   The health of the children is important to TEF and the village, so much so that the elders in the village have started burning any junk food that is found,  Bumkhang Childcare No Junk Food in Bamkang Education AssociationCentre has banned any of the children bringing junk food into the centre,, they are supplied with a nutritious lunch so extra food it not required.   It is unfortunate that junk food has been infiltrating the village and it is important to send a strong message that it is not wanted in this area.
Funny Music NoteTreasury Funding Notes
Our treasury reports that $3000 will be sent over to the Bumkhang Childcare Centre by the end of this month to cover the next three months expenses for the centre.
Next Fundraiser May/June
We will be holding our next fundraising event in May, keep a watch out for your email with all the details soon.
Calendar MountainsMonth-by-Month Donors
Many thanks to all our monthly donors, you are the people that keep the childcare centre open.  If you know anyone who would be interested in joining us please direct the to our website

2014 Year of HorseStudent Sponsorships

Yearly student sponsorships are due now, so if you  haven’t already made your transfer to our bank account we would appreciate your donation soon so that we can send this money over to the schools for your students.
Thank you all for your ongoing support (March 2014)
Wanday and the TEF Team

Wanday’s Story 1/3

Education was my path to freedom and liberation

My name is Wanday Dondrup and I come from Rebgong region in Tibet. This is my story.

Rebgong Region


Agricultural areas

Rebgong is a major county located in the center of Qinghai prefecture. There are 75 villages in the county of Rebgong. Four townships in the county are farming areas, six are mixed farming and herding, and three are nomadic areas. The population of Rebgong is approximately 100,000+, the majority of whom are Tibetans. Rebgong plays a major role in education, health care, and economics.

The farmers and herders in Rebgong have a difficult life with brutal winters and a short growing season. Farm production is limited to wheat, highland barley, and raising livestock such as yaks, sheep, cows, and goats.

 My Family


Tibetan Mother and Child

My family is a farming family, and I have three brothers and two sisters. I am youngest of all. My father became a full time hermit at the age of forty, so my mother had to raise all of us. When we were growing up, our family was so poor, we could not even buy salt which was a few cents at that time. My mum always sent me to our neighbours to ask for some matchbox wooden pieces, or a little cooking salt. She worked so hard to raise us and she managed to send us all to school. My mother is 78 now and she cannot even straighten her arms from over working for so many years.

books stacked

Education is the Key

My mother is an illiterate women but she strongly believes in education, and worked so hard for her whole life to ensure we received the education that changed our lives. One of my sisters became a mathematics professor at one of the biggest universities in China. She has even published some well-known books related to mathematics. Two of my brothers and another sister are school teachers. My other brother is a Tibetan doctor in America.

We all owe our mother deeply for the opportunity to learn.

Deciding to Leave Tibet

I always wanted to go to India, even though I heard so many scary stories about people been killed escaping on route to India or falling in to big holes that had been covered by snow.

street market

Street Market selling Clothes

I started by selling clothes on the street for one year, I purchased the clothes at wholesale prices from Lanzhou city, where my sister was a teacher, and sold them for a good price in my town. From this enterprise, I saved some money for the trip. The decision was made to go.

I was registered to supplement my study at Northwest Minority Nationalist University after my failed entrance exam to University. In February 1994, the night before I was ostensibly leaving for school in China but in reality was leaving to travel to India, my mother cooked my favourite noodle soup. As she was completely unaware of my real journey, she was ignorant of the turmoil in my heart.


Tibetan Bread for the Trip

All night I felt so much pain knowing tomorrow morning I would be leaving everything I loved behind and may never see my family again. I kept looking at my mother’s face, and tears started to fall down my face.  My mother’s exact word was “Why so sad? You just going to school for few months, and we will see you soon“. These days I still think about that night.

The next morning my mum got up so early as usual and baked some Tibetan bread for me to take, she woke me up in her usual way “Wanday get up get up, you are going to be late”. I gave her hug with tears in my eyes which is not common in our culture, and she said “why the tears, now go, and study hard”.

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Wanday’s Storypart 2part 3